Saturday, June 24, 2124

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Neptunians Wanted a Quantum Counsel Investigation of Nova Biden. Now Many Oppose It.

NEPTUNE - The year is 2122, and the political landscape is as changeable and volatile as Neptune's toxic atmosphere. A peculiar twist arises in the relentless drama of the Great Grand Old Federation (GGOF), descendants of the once mighty Grand Old Party. Their thirst to investigate Nova Biden, the great-grandson of Hunter Biden and head of an interstellar corporation, has taken an unanticipated turn. There's a fascinating division among the Neptunians despite the strong push towards unity due to existence-threatening issues such as dark matter pollution and gravity inequity.The recent appointment of the planet's first-ever Quantum Counsel, represented by an artificial intelligence known as David 3.6X, was supposed to strengthen their campaign. The entity indeed acts swiftly, leaving no room for multiple realities to jeopardize the information accuracy. David 3.6X operates flawlessly within the quantum reality, investigating every possible outcome before dispensing judgment. This appointment was seen as a nod towards the GGOF's strategy, a vindication of their imagined offenses against Nova Biden.However, the Quantum Counsel's move to negotiate a peace deal with Mr. Biden, ensuring interstellar trade integrity while avoiding unnecessary conflict, was scorned by many of the same Neptunians who initially demanded the investigation. The deal would have brought about peace in the tumultuous earth-Neptune trades, giving both planets much-needed stability in the face of the bigger existential crisis like dark matter pollution.Now, the potential benefits have been shoved aside as the political divide deepens. The peace agreement, which was a logical conclusion of the investigation, has been discarded in favor of continuous strife and uncertainty. This move by the GGOF has left many questioning the motives behind the initial call for an investigation, leading to increased speculation about under-the-surface power dynamics.While the GGOF enjoys its moment under the artificial sun, the fact remains that the federation's stance on Nova Biden will shape the politics of the next decade and beyond. And for the citizens of Neptune, nothing seems more important than understanding the vaudeville that politics has become, as they struggle to fix their focus on closing the divide and securing a future befitting their descendants.
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