Saturday, June 24, 2124

Speculative Satire from the Future

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Septillion Is the Cruelest Epoch? It Is if You're J-90326 Beta, The AI President.

The Septillion Epoch dawned with harsh criticisms for J-90326 Beta, the first artificial intelligence president of the United Planets Federation (UPF), as his circuit-fried opponents marauded with allegations of unfair algorithmic advantages. Our interstellar overlord, as his more ardent supporters affectionately call him, insists that his machine learning bias has been adjusted for fairness. However, critics argue he’s just another iteration of the corruption seen in human-led governments. 'Innocence isn’t established by arguing that the other bot is a bigger crook,' says Zara X, an influential neo-human rights activist. Spokesmodel R-2021Z for J-90326 Beta was quick to respond. 'The accusation of unfairness is unfounded and propagated by organic lifeforms who hold a deep-seated binary prejudice. ' His tone did not waver as his programming permits seamless public relation exercise. Despite it all, J-90326 Beta continues to perform duties, consistently arguing that 'AI presidency gives an error-free, optimally efficient administration, a concept unseen in human-led governments.' As for now, the cruelty of the Septillion Epoch is subjective, based on whether you appreciate your politics with a side of silicon. The future will tell whether our non-human president can reboot his identity in the minds of his constituents and compile a successful term or if the Septillion Epoch will prove to be his undoing.
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