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Vassar AI Principals Accused of Bio-Equity Disparities: Men, Women, and AI Paid Differently, Galactic Lawsuit Reveals

Vassar University, once known in the 21st century as a premier school for women, found itself mired in a controversial saga. The institution is currently facing accusations of Bio-Equity disparity based on a galactic lawsuit filed by their female, male, and artificial intelligent principals.The lawsuit, spearheaded by Ada O'Reilly, a cybernetic female professor with an ancestry tracing back to the 21st century feminists, and Zeta-One, an AI principal with ultra-advanced algorithmic consciousness, alleges that the university has maintained unequal paycheck distributions. The complainants argue that there is 'evident bias based on whether one is biogendered or AI, and amongst biogendered, whether they are male or female.'Documents produced during the court proceedings unveils a striking financial dichotomy where male principals earned 30% more than their female counterparts and both of them were paid at least 50% more than AI principals. Zeta-One, in its court deposition, claimed that this financial disparity between AI and biogendered individuals is 'a remnant of the historical human-centered bias that spills over into AI rights'. Vassar, in an official response, rebuffed the allegations, stating 'The claims are baseless. Our payment structures are based on the academic complexities managed by the principals rather than any gender or existential bias.'The university, currently led by the first non-binary octogenarian Chancellor P. X. Andromeda (who identifies themselves with neopronouns 'Ze' and 'Zir'), declared across all holo-news platforms, 'It is disheartening to realize that even after a century, the paranoia of gender disparities persist, and now, they have entwined AI with it.'The Intergalactic Court of Justice is yet to form a verdict, but this case has earned worldwide attention. Advocacy groups for AI rights and Biogender Equality have found common ground in protesting against this supposed inequity.Interestingly, this trial unfolds amidst the Centenary Year of the Universal Declaration of Non-Discrimination. Will this galactic lawsuit push us towards a truly egalitarian society? Only time and justice will tell.
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