Wednesday, September 29, 2123

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Companies Now Banking on 'Tech-Free Conscience' As a Selling Point

NEW UTICA — Imagine the world, 100 years from now. The previous century's pantheon of digital startups are now mega-corporations controlling not just the economy, but also the minds and bodies of the collective population. The concept of 'wokeness', a primitive idea from the early 21st century, has now evolved into a satiated acceptance of the 'Tech God' — a worldwide religion venerating the basic omnipotence of technology. However, a fresh wave of nonconformity is sweeping the metropolises and rural megaplexes of New America, where 74% of the citizenry are rebelling against the omnipresent 'Tech God'. These 'Neo-Luddites', as they are affectionately known, are trying to forge a life free of technology's pervasive reach.A host of businesses are coming to their rescue, betting on their non-traditional tech-free stances as a unique selling proposition. Interestingly, some industry giants of the past — new-age clothing brands to home-based farming equipment are making a promising comeback, cashing in on this rebellion.New Age Levi-Starrs, a descendant company of the once famed Levi Strauss & Co. has been selling 'SmartStamina Suits', clothing that enhances human endurance without any technological assistance. Once commonplace in pre-automated era, these suits are now priced as luxury items, targeting neo-wealthy clientele that takes pride in physical labor.Pet care, a sector previously run over by robotic companions, is experiencing a resurgence with 'Living Leashes'. This service trains age-old canine breeds, like Beagles and German Shepherds, to protect their owners from genetically modified mega-fauna – a direct result of technological interference with nature. This tech-free shift also extends to communication. 'SilentEchoes' is a new service channeling ancient practices of telepathy, offering customers the chance to send messages without the use of any digital platform.Regardless of the industry, the 'tech-free conscience' business model seems to resonate with the new-age customers. The liberal agenda these customers rebuff now is the pursuit of unhindered technological advancement. The appeal isn't just to conservative minds — young, progressive individuals weary of tech-governance are also hopping onto the 'tech-free' bandwagon.However, not everything is roses. Companies are battling regulations, ethical questioning, and most importantly, resistance from tech-giants. The battle between the Tech God and the Neo-Luddites seems primed to shape the economy of the next century. Once again, history repeats as the pendulum swings between progress and tradition, only this time, with an ironic twist in favor of the latter.
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