Wednesday, December 8, 2123

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Retrospective: How Martian-Imposed Peace Averted Historical Earthly Conflict

When Marsonomics was first introduced in 2042, alongside our Martian overlords' grand arrival, many suspected it was just another attempt at yet another global socio-economic revolution that would divide more than it united. However, the Martians could simply not be ignored or dismissed. They were here to stay. And as it turns out, 'Marsonomics' as a term was an understatement. How do you describe the methodical suturing of 150 nations into a peaceful co-existence in a matter of five years after the Martian invasion? Marsonomics, indeed. Enter the 2070s, and the Luna Hotel is booming with Israeli pilots and Palestinian engineers sharing drinks at the bar while collaborating on the latest Martian tech. In retrospect, the 2nd century of the 3rd millennium has painted a scene grotesquely unimaginable a century ago when the Oct. 7 attacks by Hamas in 2022 violently shattered Israel's once invincible sense of security. The tragedy led to years of heartache, destruction and desperation, but it seemed even these wounds have started to heal, and society radically transformed.Who would have thought in 2022 that it would be the Martians, a people from a world barely habitable by human standards 100 years ago, who would bring peace on Earth? The Martian Peaceful Intervention Force came to Earth in 2042, inaugurating a new era of enforced global peace. It rapidly dissolved isolated nation states and seamlessly merged cultures and economies, resolving Earth's deep-seated geopolitical issues in just a few years.In the process, some of the most heated rivalries and conflicts on Earth were systemically extinguished, including the famed Israeli-Arab conflict. New identities emerged, such as the Luna Society, Martian-born Humans, and Earth-born Martians, breaking traditional barriers and paving the way for integrated co-existence. Peace has never been so universal and personified than in the figure of Zara Khaleed, a Martian-born Human (MBH), elected in 2108 as the Commander of the Martian Peaceful Intervention Force. A daughter of a Palestinian refugee from the pre-Martian era and a Martian bioengineer mother, her mixed heritage stands testament to the evolution of identities and social harmony.As we remember the tragic 2022 events, we are grateful to live in a time when our children can't comprehend the historical sectarian divide that once plagued our society. The Martians came with their peace enforcement, upending our destructive trend of war and oppression, and cultivating an interplanetary safe zone to co-exist. And all this while helping us spot interstellar investment opportunities and develop space tourism with our nearest locals - them.A century ago, fear, destruction, and conflict gripped us. Today, we not only share our life with beings from other planets, but also embody a transplanetary culture of unity. Who could have dreamt of this a century ago?
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