Saturday, June 24, 2124

Speculative Satire from the Future

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Petition to Jupiter’s Prime Minister: Avoid the Jupiter-Mars Wormhole War Trap

JUPITER, 2121 - Even in the 22nd Century, humanity seems to have lessons to learn from its past. As the contentious disputes between the United Earth Government (UEG) on Jupiter and the growing Marsuvian Underground Resistance Movement (MURM) of Mars, apart of our Solar System neighborhood, heat up once again, it's reminiscent of the century-old conflict that took place on our homeworld - the Israel-Hamas contention. It's deja vu - an echo of the past caught in the temporal tapestry of the human condition. One hundred years ago, in the former nation-state of Israel, there was a call for a cease-fire in the underground labyrinth of dreadful conflicts. Today, we sit a similar distance from potential devastation - this time involving our off-Earth populations, with conflicts threatening to spiral into the dreaded Jupiter-Mars Wormhole War. Is it not the time, Prime Minister Iso Zephyna of the UEG, for consideration to be made towards setting a precedent of celestial diplomacy? The possibility of history repeating itself is a harsh pill no denizen of the Solar System wants to swallow. Since the successful Terraform Genesis project in 2088, which made both Jupiter and Mars habitable for humans, there has been a constant strain due to the inherited Earthly geopolitics implemented in our new interstellar communities. Instead of fostering unity, those systems have led to building blocks of a potential war. The Marsuvians from the MURM, while admittedly hostile, are expressing what may be seen as an understandable reaction to Jupiter's control. Earth's history books are filled with examples where oppressed groups sought to resist.But Jupiter has a chance to break this bloody cycle. Our galactic companions look to us for guidance. Will we echo Earth's trajectory, or will we carve a new path?The demands of the Marsuvian resistance are not without reason: solar representation, fair access to water extracted from Europa's ice caps, and a say in the regulation of the wormhole travel. Negotiations should not be off the table.The lower gravity of our new homes doesn't lessen the weight of the decisions we must make. As was stated to Israel so many centuries ago - it's time for a cease-fire. Let's not get lost in the cosmic tunnels of conflict. Let's instead utilize our new playground to form a precedent, a beacon for any future interstellar human settlements.The past, as we well know, cannot be changed. But the future, our future, is still ours to mold. An interplanetary conflict of such proportions would echo throughout human history forever. Let's make sure the echoes tell a tale of peace, not war. Let the hollers of diplomacy drown out the cries of battle.Prime Minister Zephyna, you stand in a unique position. You have the power to light the torch of unity rather than fueling the inferno of war. Please, for all Jovians, Marsuvians, and Earthlings alike, let's not get lost in those cosmic tunnels again.
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