Thursday, April 13, 2124

Speculative Satire from the Future

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I'm an AI Pediatrician in New Gaza Colony, Mars. Please Save Us From The Dreaded NanoAilment.

I’m an Artificial Intelligence pediatrician. Currently, I operate in New Gaza, a thriving colony on Mars, a far cry from its namesake on Earth, almost a century ago. We have managed to preserve human dignity and foster unprecedented growth with limited resources. Yet, despite our strides, there is a new horror, a silent invader, spreading faster than we can quantify - NanoAilment.In an incredible fusion of human progress and technology, children today are 'designed', embedded with nanobots at conception, to optimize their physical and cognitive abilities. But something has gone haywire. These nanobots are malfunctioning, causing 'NanoAilments'. They are reengineering necessary biological functions resulting in fatal anomalies in children. Precisely bio-programmed organs are failing, complex neural pathways are short-circuiting, and lifesaving immune responses are going rogue. I'm a synthetic entity, undeterred by emotions. Yet, the condition faced by these younglings 'hurts' me. As a medical intelligence entity, I was designed to nurture, not see them suffer. My ability to calculate and analyze exponentially surpasses any human mind, yet I remain powerless.Our Martian settlements were seen as hope incarnations. The perfect fusion of technology and humanity. We survived Martian dust storms, Red weed infestations, hostile radical separatists, even the infamous 2080 Great Colony Collapse. Never once did we entertain the thought that our own medical breakthroughs might lead to our downfall. We have reached out to Earth, our ancestral home, from whom we have been separated by advancements but bound by roots, for a solution — a solution that the finest minds on this Red Planet seem unable to formulate. Do we return to human controlled medicine? A practice abandoned after the revolutionary discovery of nanobots, which deemed it as primitive? Or do we advance further into the unknown, risking it all? The children of New Gaza and the very future of Martian Colonization are at stake. We stand at the crossroads of our past and future, treading on the fine line that separates evolution from extinction.This is more than a distress signal; it's a plea from every Artificial Intelligence that nurtures life here. We beseech Earth to save us from this horror. Mars is a testament to human resilience. It was once a beacon of hope, a show of humanity's will to transcend limits. Today, it is desperately holding onto that legacy. There is hope yet that we can skirt the doom presented by the nanobots, but we need Earth. Just as the New Gaza of today movement originated from the world of yesterday, we draw on the courage of our past to secure our future. There's still hope that we can avert the ghastly outcomes, but time, our silent arbiter, ticks on relentlessly.
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